How to see whether a game uses an anti-cheat?

What do you want advice about?
I learned recently in a video from SomeOrdinaryGamers that some games will come with really invasive anti-cheats that are basically rootkits. Sometimes these anti-cheats won’t even uninstall when you uninstall the game.

I figure to mainly use Steam on Fedora Linux for any gaming that I can do, but I would like to at least know whether a game I want to play will use an anti-cheat. I expect multiplayer games to use anti-cheat and singleplayer games to not, but sometimes games are in between and I’d like to know.

What have you considered or looked at already?
What I’ve found so far are lists like these that just tell you what anti-cheat a game uses. I guess I could look up each game to see what I find, but I wonder if there’s something I can check in Steam itself to make the process easier for me.

In brief, tell us about your privacy threat model?
Threat model is intermediate. I want strong security against threat actors who want to hurt or take advantage of my in a way that I would feel (hackers, scammers, and potential harassers). Then I try to increase security and privacy where I can on top of that without going more extreme than is reasonable for me.

Not sure how you could find out.

Have you considered dual booting with Windows or another Linux distro (or another Fedora install). This would limit what the anticheats can access.

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I swear that when I read the title I thought about SOG :laughing:

I found some list of games with anti-cheats, but I don’t know if it’s helpful.

Another approach (aside virtualisation) worth considering is dedicated console for gaming. Xbox/PS with pi-hole on the network.

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In the video Mutahar says he does a VMs for these kinds of games. I think I have the hardware for it but I would have liked to avoid that just because I’m still unfamiliar with VMs and they have been kind of a pain to work with in the past. I do know that’s an option when in doubt.