How to request instagram to delete my account?

I had an account I made on instagram over 2 years ago that got instantly suspended and because of their rule of suspensions over 30 days ago can not be reviewed I am not sure what to do. Their email just responds saying it is no longer a way to contact them.

If you live within the EU or a country that the GDPR applies you can reach out to their DPA (data protection officer) at Meta Privacy Policy - How Meta collects and uses user data and navigate to the ‘How to contact Meta section’

Even if you don’t live in the EU or a country that the GDPR applies you could still attempt to reach out.

It honestly seems like whatever I try to do it still redirects to the “Help Center” of both sites

Yeah it is like that, I really wish it was against the law to have as few contact options as Meta does.

If you don’t mind me asking, do you live in a country that has the GDPR? If you do I have found a more direct way for you to contact Meta/Instagram. this is a good site to help you delete your data.

I am in a similar issue, but with Facebook. I’m not able to access my FB account, and as a result, can’t request them to delete my data. Use the links @Why8337 listed. Just don’t be surprised if they want your passport, before they actually do anything… Whether you trust them with that data is upto you. Personally, I’d just ignore the service, and move on with your life.

It’s strange how they enforce such strict timeframes for you to gain access back but they don’t have to be restricted by anything because it is their infrastructure and the empty account is quite literally one row in their servers.

I unfortunately don’t reside in any of those areas but I hope Canada goes through with their Data Privacy that should rival GDPR or am I allowed to use DPA as Canada is a constitutional monarchy with the UK?

I have just had a look and unfortunately due to the fact you don’t live in an area without GDPR or similar Data Protection Laws they just won’t help you. I have a feeling that even if you were to send them a request they would just ignore it as they have no legal obligation to comply with it.

@Blurb5778 has given a great option, just forget about the account. By the sounds of it you haven’t really got to use the account so Meta/Instagram will not have much data on you other than what you used to sign up.