How To Prevent "Sign In With Google"


After a few unhelpful searches elsewhere (i.e. DuckDuckGo, Reddit, Lemmy, etc.) with no solution, I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask here.

A majority of the sites I frequent, either on desktop or mobile, give a prompt asking if I would like to log into a nonexistent account using Google.

I’m not the only person experiencing this prompt; as I’ve said, I’ve searched and have yet to find a solution that yields the desired result.

Many have implied the solution can be found in Google account settings… I haven’t had an account with Google in over five years now.

With a running VPN, I navigated to the Google search page (just to see, I suppose), and found nothing about opting out of Google’s sign in prompt in the general settings .

If this helps, I am writing this post on an open Firefox tab. Firefox, however, isn’t the only browser on which I’ve experienced this annoyance.

I currently have the uBlock Origin add-on installed on all of my devices.

As per my threat model, the sign in prompt is merely an unwanted nuisance. I no longer wish to see this prompt if at all possible, however, if no solutions are available, I’m sure I’ll survive.

A head’s up: I’ll bookmark this topic, but this account is linked to a throwaway email and I’m unlikely to remember the strong password I’ve generated should I need to provide further information.

Thank you in advance to those interested in helping with my topic.

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I did complete a search of the Techlore discussion board before posting.

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I’ve noticed that with several different sites despite me also not having a personal Google account. From what I understand it often appears when you’re browsing on a site using an Android phone and the site assumes that since you’re using Android you also have a Google account. I’ve never seen it on desktop before, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it also does so if you’re using a Chromium based browser.

I’m sure there’s a filter list for uBlock Origin that prevents it from appearing, but I’m not aware of any that does so.


I think it is just mobile devices in general as I have got it before on an iPhone and an Android.


I remember seeing an extension that blocks the google sign in prompts specifically but I can’t find it. But personally I try and reduce the amount of extensions I have in my browser.
I am currently using the Ublock feature “element picker”.
It’s a severely underrated feature because I can improve the user experience on any website in just a few clicks.
I personally use it to block google prompts in websites that I am visiting often.

Hope you find what you are looking for.

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I no longer have access to the original email address, but apparently my password manager has saved the login info for this account.

I use the zapper tool too. But my browser is set up so that no history is retained and any site data is ‘wiped’ upon exit. Regardless of the operating system or device type, I still see the prompt from time to time.

Maybe the “UBlock - Annoyances” list could fix that?

I also found this :

Maybe this could also work? :person_shrugging: