How to organize email?

I use simplelogin and I am switching my domain emails to protonmail since I am switching vps servers and don’t want to manage email servers anymore. Right now all my emails are just in the inbox folder but I think it would be wise to organize everything, like having a billling and social and mailing list to make it easy to just go into the email and not get distracted. What is the best way to set this up and what rules do you use?

In the left hand column of your Proton go to the folder section.
Create folders to compartmentalize your correspondence.
(For example: I use Work–Financial–Shopping–Junk, but you can make as many compartments as you like)
Then go Settings (or the little gear icon) and then to Identity and Addresses. Set a unique email address for each compartment.
Then go to Filters (also in the left column) and set some simple rules for each folder. Such as all emails sent to forward to Finance folder.

Ok I will do that, is there any easy way I can do that organization from older emails switching from google workspace or will I have to do that manually?

Also how many compartments have you made?

I can’t think of an easy way to do that with previous emails. I did it manually. Didn’t take long.

I have 5 compartments, and I forgot to mention, it’s wise to not give out the core email address that all the other addresses report back to (ie.the email address that the account is opened up as) Keep that to yourself.

Looks like I got a long day, over 8,000 emails on the main one

On the website, in Filters > Add Filters > check Apply filters to existing emails.

Using the free account for testing. With the free account you can only do one filter.