How to learn the things Techlore knows?

How do I learn the things techlore knows?
IDK about what they know how would I learn how the net works, cyber security, cryptography ,etc? I have the humble bundle mit press books but is there anything else I need to learn about cybersecurity. I’m pretty young so I have little money I need a way to learn about cybersecurity, cryptography(in relation to cybersecurity), and Networking for free or little money.

My privacy threat model is isp, companies and to an extent the goverment, so what i’m seeking is the ability to at will hide away my searches from all these 3 things.

Techlore knows how the internet works please tell me how to learn the things I mentioned!

Ironically the best place to learn about those things is YouTube. I didn’t learn all the things I know today by following a guide but rather by looking up stuff like “10 Cybersecurity tips”, “How to make [browser] Private”, “How to make Google account secure” etc.

From there I eventually learnt about 2FA & Password strength and how it matters.

After that slowly learning about other things.

Don’t try to learn everything thing at once!! You’ll be fatigued and will lose motivation, just learn one thing at a time.

Some resources that also cover Security in some form:


On that topic how would I learn how the internet works like how computers connect with each other?

I’m also seeking to learn more about cyber security not just privacy as well as networking

If you’re just starting out, definitely do the Go Incognito course on Techlore.

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So start with go incognito any other cyber security/networking courses for free/inexpensive I am willing to read…

Another specific resource you can look at is

However, what you’re asking for is very broad and learned over time. There’s YouTube videos and resources online to explain things.

To get more technical, you would have to start getting your hands dirty with implementing solutions yourself. These are areas that people get degrees for and work in full time, so to get that deep you will likely have to continue digging and learning.

Maybe the easiest recommendation (that we are biased to give) is to watch a bunch of Techlore videos and then do further research on the subjects that peak your interest? There are lots of ways to take this before outright deciding to get a degree in IT or something like that.

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I’ll get a degree in computer science or it isn’t a option.

In order to learn under these conditions I’ll need free or inexpensive resources…

Professor Messer on youtube has tons of videos about the security fundamentals. Watch them.

Learning networking for free can be done with GNS3.

Maybe online courses are the best way to answer your questions. Beginner level I.T. through UDEMY might be a good start.