How to install Portmaster and ProtonVPN on Archlinux

I’ve just installed archlinux in virtualbox for the first time because i heard it’s a really good operatingsystem that doesn’t spy on you like windows does, so i wanted to check it out.

However the installation was already the first burden, windows users are used to the graphical UI interface / the GUI that let’s us manage everything, not so much with arch, where you do most things with the terminal, that goes for most linux distros anyway.

I have the yay AUR helper installed.
I managed to get the arch vm running in fullscreenmode.
I’ve got librewolf installed.
Now what’s left is, portmaster and protonvpn.
Been following this guide, Install on Linux - Safing Docs

Create portmaster data dir

mkdir -p /opt/safing/portmaster

Download portmaster-start utility

wget -O /tmp/portmaster-start
sudo mv /tmp/portmaster-start /opt/safing/portmaster/portmaster-start
sudo chmod a+x /opt/safing/portmaster/portmaster-start

Download resources

sudo /opt/safing/portmaster/portmaster-start --data /opt/safing/portmaster update

I’m stuck at part 6. Start it on boot

About ProtonVPN ,i ran yay -S protonvpn-cli
It installed something but it’s not done and i have no idea what to do next.

Anyone…? Still don’t know how to.

I don’t know the answer but to help I’ve changed the topic to ‘Privacy & Security: Get Advice’ - this should assist you in getting help.

Ask this question in their Reddit or Discord room. I think you will get more help here.