How to get a Proton Account anonymously

I have seen loads of reviews of Proton Mail & Proton VPN saying that, there is no way to sign up anonymously.

This is partly true as if you try to sign-up using Tor they may ask you for a email address or phone number.

This guide is to help you get a Proton Account anonymously.

Be aware - you will never be 100% anonymous online, this guide gives you the most anonymous Proton Account you can get.


  1. You must know how to use Tor and understand all the
    things that it does not protect against.

  2. Use common sense.

  3. This is pretty obvious, don’t do anything Illegal
    as this makes the Tor network frowned upon.

  4. It is recommended you use an OS other than Windows but,
    Windows will still work fine.

  5. I will use TB instead of Tor Browser throghout this guide.


  1. Download the TB from

  2. Set-up the TB, guides can be found on

  3. Go to using the TB and sign up for a new free account. Use the steps in Step 4 to sign up. You will be prompted to wait 24-48 hours for your free account to be able to send and receive emails. Wait that period.

  4. Sign-up for an account;

    1. Use a random alias for the username
    2. Use a good, strong password
    3. Continue.
  5. Once your Tutanota account is ready, go to in the TB (if you don’t get redirected to the .onion site go to -

  6. Sign up for a Proton Account using Step 4. When asked to verify your account simply use your Tutanota email address and… your done!


  1. Always use the TB for both of these accounts and never download the mobile apps and/or use a normal browser to access them as it defeats the whole purpose.

  2. Be careful what you share when sending email etc…

  3. If you use the VPN (or Proton Drive and Proton Calendar) as well keep in mind, never put all your eggs in one basket.

1. If there are any mistakes let me know.
2. Again, this will not make you 100% anonymous
3. Remember, these accounts are anonymous, do not use them outside of the TB or to do anything personal.
4. You may have to reset the circuit on the TB as, Tutanota sometimes blocks IP Addresses from signing up.
5. The signing up for a Tutanota account part in this guide will not matter if you are able to verify the Proton account with a CAPTCHA.

It’s possible that the Tor onion site may change, always access it through that will always have the official onion site link.


Thanks for that, I have changed it.

Why not using something like TorBox or DNMX instead of TutaNota ?



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I used Tutanota as it is well trusted and known within the privacy community.

I will look into the suggestions you have made.

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It isn’t possible to use TutaNota over Tor ?

They do not operate a .onion site but, you can still access their site through Tor.

Okay thanks for clearing that up

DNMX have a clearweb site btw

Edit : was mentionned on that’s how I heard about them
Torbox was through if I remember correctly

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Not really the Clearweb site just shows the Onion link

I know :slight_smile: sorry I didn’t mentioned it