How to fully remove your online identity when you need some of them?

i know you need to sacrifice some of the useless part of your online identity like social media accounts to be able to take a slice of the huge privacy cake! but what about the important parts? like your business emails, gaming accounts, etc. any advice?

I believe the answer to your question is in your question. You have to decide which privacy/security risks you can live with e.g. Steam: Yes, Facebook: No.

I think the decision is the easier part. The harder part is the removal process…

You have to decide for yourself if the threats are likely and real enough to incur that cost. And you may want to weigh other options too before doing ahead and losing all that access. Maybe you can change your address to a fake address and then over time these services will just assume you moved or something.

I personally wouldn’t lose access to my game library, but that’s based on my threat model.

great tips, but at the end of the day, when you set your name and last name on an old email, there is no going back, this is where the actual problem begins because if you even change the email address, it will break in different kinda ways, and the big company’s already know you in that case, second problems is the services that doesn’t let any email or any thing come trough more than gmail or outlook which is cancels your privacy by asking for a phone number at the first place, and temp numbers have their own problems as well, and not using this big company products is lock your hands in different ways which is really disappointing.