How to exclude an app from iOS lockdown mode?

I enabled lockdown mode on my iphone and iPad , restarted and started the app that I want to exclude. A dialog told me that lockdown mode is active for this app and I could exclude it in the settings, but I cannot.

Within the lockdown mode settings, I can only exclude websites. Within the app settings in the preferences there are only “Siri & Search” and “Background App Refresh” as options available.

Does anyone know how I can exclude a mobile app from lockdown mode?

lockdown mode - scroll down to “Configure Web Browsing”. And there should be the apps you can exclude. it says I can exclude some apps


Thanks for the confirmation that it does indeed work this way.
I just tried on my partners iPhone and I think I have arrived at the reason my devices don’t show like yours.
On all our ios devices that were purchased within mainland China, the list of apps to toggle on and off just does not appear.
However on our USA version iPhone the affected apps appear as you have shown.
Thanks again for the screenshot.

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