How to avoid suvelliance camera?

Video surveillance cameras are everywhere(outdoors and indoors, at airports, railroad stations, offices, and shops). Is there any tricks and tips to avoid survelliance camera ? And how surveillance camera’s detects us and shows our details about social media, phone number, email, etc ? How the AI connects these data ? And how to avoid it ?

Nowaday you have very little options I’d say.


My mom stuck those stupid ring ones in our house, I hate it

If you know you are entering a monitored area here’s what you can do

  • Get special shirts or hoodies that try to fool face recognition software.

  • Special sunglasses also are a no-brainer, the more you can cover the better.

  • Wear a mask. Because of the pandemic It’s socially acceptable to wear masks, take advantage of that.

  • Wear a cap as caps can cover your face from elevated cameras.

Aside from dressing like a lunatic I don’t think there’s other things you can do.


For me you cannot avoid it because everywhere has a camera being installed but you can do something for your own safety like you become more aware to things around you.