How secure is startmail compared to proton

from the looks of it both are in eu and follows gdpr and both offer e2e and pgp. start mail also provides unlimited aliases. so has anyone experience with both. would love to get comprehensive opinions from this community.

I didn’t have any experience with it. I would say StartMail isn’t bad. They don’t have mobile apps but I think you can access your mails directly from another app like K-9 Mail or FairEmail. Also seems like nothing is open-source at StartMail. Also they don’t have any basic free plan like Proton.

Startmail does not offer zero-knowledge encryption, which makes Proton the more secure option from the two.


Ah, nice catch! :+1: Haven’t noticed that.

I don’t trust startpage as a company so I’m a little skeptical of their mail service. Otherwise, not really sure.