"How secure is my password?"

I just saw a guide from a charity organization about how to make your passwords secure. There were good advises, such as using KeePass, but I also saw they recommending checking your password’s security on “How secure is my password?” service. I laughed, because isn’t it stupid to show your password to some service just for that to say “yeah, yeah, good password you just showed me”? :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: Or am I wrong?


Such a service could be done privately, i.e. the password strength is tested client side, however, one would have to trust the website’s code to have not been manipulated. Thus, I would agree the charity’s advice is a little silly, especially if that website doesn’t perform the analysis client side.


Probably not the best idea. Idk about regular KeePass but KeepassXC has a strength checker built into it anyway.

Yeah, not that it’s impossible to do privately, but don’t do that lol

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