How safe are the privacy oriented VPS providers

I have gone through the internet, and I feel that other than payment through Bitcoin (which saves our identity), the so-called privacy-oriented VPS providers (as mentioned above) don’t offer any other things.

  1. Is my above understanding right? If not, may I know how they are different from each other as VPS providers, such as Linode or AWS? Please list a few reasons why people choose them.

  2. Are VPS providers such as (1984, OrangeWebsite, Njalla, Privex, Bahnhof Cloud) services good and stable, and are they trustworthy compared to other VPS providers such as Linode or AWS? Does the hosting location matter? If yes, then which locations are better? Countries such as Germany and Iceland, EU-based countries, respect privacy.

  3. Do any of the above VPS providers provide hardware encryption? Will the above privacy VPS providers be able to see my files that are on the VPS server?, If yes, how to overcome it.

  4. If I plan to use any VPS provider, what are the prerequisite security and privacy measures and configurations that I need to follow to maintain my privacy?

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