How much does using ublock origin on tor hurt anonymity?

I’m not using tor for any illegal activities, just wanted to remove ads/ trackers from the sites I visit. I also read somewhere that tails has ublock installed by default.

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From Tor

No filters
Site-specific or filter-based addons such as AdBlock Plus, Request Policy, Ghostery, Priv3, and Sharemenot are to be avoided. We believe that these addons do not add any real privacy to a proper implementation of the above privacy requirements, and that development efforts should be focused on general solutions that prevent tracking by all third parties, rather than a list of specific URLs or hosts.

Blocking ads can be seen as an usability improvement but as tor devs point out , doesn’t add any privacy to your system. Sites can detect that you are using tor but since not many people are using tor browser with ublock origin , you stand out from the crowd. To prevent browser fingerprinting is by using a browser that is designed look the same to every site by default and it’s best you do not change it.

Are you someone who uses Tor browser for everyday browsing? If so , please don’t as Firefox has poor security in general (Another thread in this community discusses this) which by extension is a limitation of Tor browser which is why you should be using it for sensitive stuff only and use it on Whonix/Qubes/Tails.

For the small amount of time you lurk around in the dark web , a little bit of untargeted ads shouldn’t bother you at all.

To be fair, probably not as much as any other extension, because Tails includes it. But I wouldn’t recommend Tails for security or for serious anonymous browsing, only for using computers without leaving a trace.