How much data can your employer see from using Microsoft apps?

As part of my thinking on whether to allow Microsoft to manage a work profile for other Microsoft apps, I was also wondering about my employer.

Yes, Microsoft has access to lots of data when I install their apps, but how much of that information works its way back to the company that I work for? I assume they can see that I logged into a given device, what app I’m using, and otherwise see what’s happening in the app. I expect all of that. But can they see other data about what I do on my phone?

And how does that change if I’m using a work profile where they are the managed service? I know they can control things within the profile, but what extra data can they glean from the elevated privileges that come from controlling the work profile to see outside of the work profile.

I don’t think your employer can see that is happening in the app, or anything else on the phone. They have admin access to Office 365, but that doesn’t give them access to the phone.

It’s Microsoft that can see what is going on in the app, and get access to the data on your phone. The risk is always that you end up linking your personal data to Office or something similar, which means you have agreed to upload it to Microsoft servers etc.

You should be fine if you use a blank work profile with no personal data.

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