How Kurzgesagt Cooks Propaganda For Billionaires

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Very well-made video that highlights the problem of money being covertly used to influence public opinion.

It’s not directly about security or privacy, but it’s for the same reasons organizations like the EFF is needed.

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I highly regard The Hated One as having one of the strongest standards of ethics I have seen on YouTube, even if he sometimes carries a stick a bit too big. Well-done video on his focus on ethics!

We need a Glass-Steagall that strictly separates foundations and similar from the centralized claws of one person. They stand on their own, like the EFF and Signal. And perhaps harder limits on lobbying.

You can limit lobbying, many countries have very strict laws preventing direct lobbying, but astroturfing and similar covert tactics is much more difficult to deal with.

It’s one of the reason why privacy laws are important, it’s just too easy to use money to influence people and control public opinion. One of the biggest threats from corporate surveillance is not the ability to target you with ads, it’s the ability to leverage money to control legislation by influencing public opinion.

This video is ridiculous. He is complaining that charitable organizations and foundations devoted to the increasing awareness of serious global issues are spending their money on…increasing awareness of serious global issues… :confused:

Billionaires are not inherently evil. They are humans like everyone else, some good some bad and some meh. Additionally Kurzgesagt is completely transparent on their funding from places like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Gates Foundation (and other organizations THO treats as dastardly evil cabals) does a hell of a lot of good around the world. That includes promoting science education by supporting things like Kurzgesagt.

You actually seem to believe that benevolent philanthropist billionaires have our best interest at heart, and are going to save the world.

Their charitable organizations also does a lot of astroturfing and in general work to secure their investment, like when Gates prevented the public release of a COVID vaccine.

While I agree with you, the sources of finance can create some conflict of interest as mentioned in the video.

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It goes beyond just a conflict of interest, philanthrocapitalism in general seems very dangerous.

Maybe it’s just a tax loophole for the ultrarich, but the effect on public spending in the long run is not clear, and it has the potential to be very bad.

I just come across this video so this is maybe interesting for this topic.
I haven’t seen the video because otherwise i would forget posting about it.

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I’ve marked this post as uncategorized since it doesn’t directly have much to do with privacy/security as originally stated.

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Let me doubt that.

True. But don’t suppose THO stated that.

Would it be possible for you to have an online discussion with him on topics concerning privacy and security?

Aren’t foundations like these used as a front to move around large sums of money? This is a serious question.

It’s a way to avoid paying taxes, and there is a massive gray area where some types of non-profit organizations can support for-profit companies.

If the richest people are allowed to keep their money in non-profit organization, where they have full control over how the money is used/invested, while at the save same time being able to siphon the profit, then you are creating a situation where only the poor pay taxes.