How is Icedrive?

Saw Icedrive being reccomended in a Techlore video, but on the official Techlore site, it is no longer a listed service. Anyone know why?

I don’t believe it was ever formally listed on our website. Many ‘top X’ videos require us to actively find services to fill 5 slots. So while they met our requirements for that video, it’s not something that meets the stricter site standards (Yes, it’s a bit confusing to follow)

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After this post I went to the website to check and found that their is no mention of GrapheneOS but instead Calyx is your top recommendation for mobile OS
I believe that in privacy and security community Graphene is considered safer. Any reasons it’s not mentioned there?

While the OP’s post and the topic title seem a bit different, I’ll answer the topic.

You don’t need to go through 10’s of pages of privacy policies. If you encrypt your files before uploading (which you should do regardless which service you are uploading to), as far as your file safety goes, you are safe and sound. Ideally what you should do is not trust the privacy policies and assume everything you give them is being logged because… they can and will do that in legal cases.

So, choose a provider that doesn’t ask for a phone number, legal name, ID, etc. and encrypt your files.

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