How is Graphene more secure than Calyx?

I’ve seen a lot of people here saying that GOS is superior to Calyx. I’m not really sure of the differences between the two, can someone please explain?

Please see-

Some features from Graphene-

  • Fresh process spawning is used
  • usage of hardened malloc
  • enhanced verified boot
  • sandboxed google play | Calyx includes a very priviliged MicroG and a privileged Fdroid extension which is very insecure( Another thread discusses why Fdroid is bad for security.)
  • network and sensor permission toggle | Calyx uses Datura Firewall for network which is known to have some leaks
  • EXIF data removal from screenshots
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The two biggest reasons people prefer GrapheneOS: GrapheneOS tends to have quicker updates, and nowadays more people seem to prefer Sandboxed Google Play’s approach to Google Play Services over microG’s.