How has privacy benefited you?

I want to say thank you to Henry and other privacy focused Youtubers for introducing me to the world of privacy and giving me the ambition to research and be more councious about my Data.

I was already tech savy as it was with the usual PC build and Emulation set up.
Now I use Linux 24/7 with any problems I see as an opportunity to learn (including the terminal), degoogled 2 phones, and now work for an in tech without the degree at all, and more interested in the cyber security aspect. Always keeping uo to date and informing friends (if they have an account ofcourse :slight_smile: ) and hope to set up server for Jellyfin and a GPU pass through for a VM soon.

What is something you guys have taken on from this and the number one benefit you get from it?


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One of the biggest takeaways from everything I’ve learned about security and privacy is learning what is a good standard to have in terms of security and being able to choose how private I want to be depending on the situation. I can choose how protected I am rather than just defaulting to whatever is provided to me and remaining oblivious to the vulnerabilities that can hurt me one day.

For example, doxxing is one of the main things I focus on in my threat model. While I’m not overly active online with things that use my actual name, I am active in forums and gaming communities. It’s unlikely, but if for someone reason someone in one of those communities decides to get upset with me and target me, I know I have taken steps to create a gaming identity that is separate from my real identity. Try as they might, they will likely only come across the same gamer name and not be able to go further.

I have the education now to do that. I can now protect myself when I need to and to the degree that I need to.


On my end, privacy & minimalism have complemented each other incredibly well for a more focused digital life. The concept of ‘less is more’ was better for my mental health, productivity, and privacy - just a massive win on all fronts, enabling me to feel more in control of technology (which nowadays directly carries over into the real world)


With its very DIY nature, privacy has reinvigorated my love for technology and I’ve learned so much thanks to the privacy and selfhost communities.

The concept of ‘less is more’ was better for my mental health, productivity, and privacy

100% agree with this.

…and hope to set up server for Jellyfin and a GPU pass through for a VM soon.

Love Jellyfin! Was easy to set up and it works great. Would reccomend using Docker if you haven’t planned on using it already.
I haven’t had great luck with GPU passthrough. I got it working once with an NVIDIA card (after a few hours) but haven’t yet with AMD. These days I just bite the bullet and dual-boot when I need to.
Don’t be frustrated if you can’t get it working. It’s a pretty bleeding edge technology and it has its kinks. It’s pretty cool when it’s all set up though, and it’s only getting better as time goes on. Good luck!

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That’s my favorite part about it, the DIY and the knowledge from setting up from scratch and being able to say you did it. Never gets old :grin:

I never realized how important this was until last year.
I never felt more free when it comes to what I do, and never have to worry about clutter or waking up in the morning with the first thing being to go on Twitter or an hour and wasting the day away. That and the fact its Twitter.

Glad to heat that its encouraged you my friend😀
Not many people realize how bad it until its to late.
It should be general knowledge about how to set up an account with dos and don’ts. Making sure aliases are used and the username being unique. It takes time but it pays off in the end if a data leak were to occur or you need to lend out your email to a shady website.

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Yes. It gave me peace of mind. And also, my friends indulge in some mary jane and they discuss it over whatsapp. So I try to keep my online footprint as minimal as possible.

I think privacy reassure my passion on technology in general, like when I was on Windows and just use my computer for gaming it was just a console with extra steps. But now that I have migrated towards Linux and more concern about privacy, the “spark” about technology that I have before revitalize and also give me an objective for my professional career. So yeah, it benefited me in almost all fronts of my life (except convenience :laughing:)

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Privacy is what got me into tech in the first place. Someone told me about the Snowden leaks, and that got me exploring why my privacy matters. I got into Linux and ethical hacking, and made me a very tech-savvy person indeed. I relate to @PowerfullyMax when he says that he has an objective for his career. Same for me.