How good is the Firefox Fingerpringt Protection against Brave ones?

How good is the Firefox Fingerpringt Protection against Brave ones?

In my case I found that LibreWolf (fork of Firefox) has better fingerprinting protection than Brave, mostly in sites like Google, Amazon, Microsoft. But on a “technological standpoint” I don’t know, I just say from my experience.
Things like when I receive the “login from another device” warning when using LibreWolf it says that the new device logged from Windows, even if I am on Linux.

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i also use librewolf, great project. But how did you get your “experience” by testing sites like or the eff browser checking website?
could also just be random that it told you that a device logged in from windows
but thx

I tested both on the Cover Your Tracks website and the main differences I could see important to daily use is the Time zone, Screen Resolution and the User Agent part.

  • Time Zone: Clear winner LibreWolf as with Brave it determine my country and state, on the other hand with LibreWolf it just says UTC.
  • Screen Resolution: Another win for LibreWolf, as on Brave it gives the exact resolution of my computer, on LibreWolf it gives a lower one.
  • User Agent: This one (for me) it’s a tie. On Brave it gives that I’m on Chromium/Safari or AppleWebKit. And on LibreWolf it says that I’m on Mozilla/Windows (real OS being Linux).

There are other differences but there are more technical and not so obvious, but you can test both or search on the internet for results in other browsers.

While I do not know the specifics about fingerprinting, I would assume that Brave does a much better job.

Chromium based browsers generally isolate websites much better. If you’re interested in Chromium (and therefore Brave) vs Firefox, you might want to check out Firefox and Chromium | Madaidan's Insecurities

You always want to judge the browser you use yourself. There surely are ways to improve Brave’s and Firefox’s fingerprinting (e.g. with extensions), whereas improving the backend is nearly impossible.
Generally speaking, you want to disable JavaScript for the best fingerprinting protection, but that obviously makes most modern websites unusable.