How does yubikey compare to mobile 2fa apps


I was wondering how Yubikey compares to mobile based 2fa. I am currently using Google Authenticator for some platforms. I was wondering if I can use Yubikey for those same platforms. For example, Discord is not listed in the supported platforms on the “Find a product that’s right for you” section on the Yubikey website.

It seems that the Yubikey 5 keys support the wides arange of 2fa protocols.

Is it possible to use this or another Yubikey to replace mobile-based OTP or do those services still require an app?


Yes. However you will need the Yubikey app to do this. The TOTP secrets will be stored on the Yubikey and accessed when you plug in (or tap if using NFC) and open the app.

This is lest secure than FIDO protocols, so use those when possible.

Also, I do not own a Yubikey and do not know how well this feature works.

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