How docan i switch samurai from testnet to mainet?

Found very little info about it So can any one help?

I assume that you mean the Samourai Wallet?

After installation you can’t change the network anymore because a machine can’t host both a mainnet and a testnet instance of MyDojo.
If you want to use ether the mainnet or the testnet, COMMON_BTC_NETWORK must be set to testnet or mainnet.
General options are stored on the host machine, in the <dojo_dir>/docker/my-dojo/docker-common.conf file. This option MUSN’T be modified after the first installation.

But are you sure that you are on the testnet? Because mainnet is the default value!

From what i.understood i am. What if i will reinstall. Will that work?

Yes that should work because the default value is mainnet, but make sure that ALL files are deleted.

How do i make sure of that,