How do you search (Dead Internet theory)?

The searching on the internet is pretty broken and weird today.

For example you google “Interesting places to visit in Paris” and maybe you find a couple of articles that are all the same. “Places to visit in Paris in 2023” and it feels like a computer generated AI articles that were put together by other articles all over the internet and probably uses some sort of SEO Optimization tricks to be the first (or among the firsts) in the search results.

Maybe you also heard about Dead Internet theory that says that most of the internet content is computer generated and many users are actually bots (for example on YT).

I’ve heard that many times, but I have never heard any solution or tricks how to fight against that.

So I wonder how do you search if you want to find something today. Not only what search engine do you use, but are there are good tips and tricks to avoid copypasted SEO trash? How do you find good blogs, interesting discussions and everything?


I just put “reddit” in front of it. brave search is great as it pulls results from different forums as well.

I agree that a lot of search results are trash, often the summary of the search is better to me than the opening the first page of results.
I find myself using NewPipe to search for topics such as MXLinux… Most of the web search results for MXLinux were websites from the creators of the videos, the official website and Wikipedia. The reddit discussions were dated and or specific.

How did I discover and where did my discovery land me. This forum had a post and I ended up at watching a few videos which had links to the video creators website and the official website, if I decided to dig deeper, which I do.
My point is evaluate your own experiences. Where are you discovering great content. Look for the same pattern.

One option to discover more interesting stuff is to build a personalized RSS feed. As in your example build a vacation or traveling feed. Work toward finding better content as you gain knowledge of better content.

I also suggest start working on your own notes. Using some type of markdown and hyper linking back to a website to me is better than just a bookmark when it has my summary.
I have followed guides on projects that were 10 years old. By copying and editing the guide I created my own content with my experiences, updating commands replacing pictures as I work through the guides. In the event I have to search for more information, I hyperlink my results, adding a summary. Then follow up on that websites older projects decide if future content is worth subscribing to in my RSS feed.