How do you guys mass-delete accounts?

Hello everyone!

I have been planning to go fully digital-nomad and planning to delete my zoomer accounts. I checked but it is closed-source and also has a questionable privacy-policy. Is there any open-source scripts.

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My recommendation as cross-posted on Matrix:

Just look up a script for each of the services you want to purge. There are tons of them floating around on the internet.

For example:

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I found my old accounts via OSINT; checking my old emails and filtering them with terms like “confirm”, “create” and etc; or Google’s password manager, Keychain, or whichever password manager you may have used at that time. I personally would not use sites/services that promise you to delete your accounts, but you do you as long as you understand the risks and gains very well. Keep in mind that some scripts may be against the ToS of your website of choice. Just putting this out there.


could u go more into detail about why is their privacy policy questionable?

Make sure you have a password manager, and so it will be easy in the future to get rid of the accounts you don’t use anymore.

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