How do I remove Samsung tracking?

I have a Samsung phone and I cannot afford to buy any new phone and I cannot find any custom ROMs for it ( it is the Samsung galaxy A13). How do I remove Samsung tracking? Can I use ADB and if so how?

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I expect the first place you’ll be pointed to is Techlore’s guide to make Android more secure and private. That will cover general best practices and additional tools you should or shouldn’t be using.

When it comes to ROMs, your phone is unlikely to have the most popular privacy ROMs available (those being CalyxOS and GraphineOS). However, LineageOS has a great track record of supporting all kinds of phones and should be more private that stock Android. It may be less secure than stock because it may not be getting the latest security updates or receive them as quickly.

For Samsung tracking specifically, I’m unfamiliar and it may be hard to escape Samsung without just using a custom ROM. One idea is to delete the Samsung apps that you don’t use and disable any that you can’t delete. Some data will probably get through, but at least you’re reducing the amount of data as well as attack vectors.

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Hi there! You could use Universal Android Debloater (GitHub - 0x192/universal-android-debloater: Cross-platform GUI written in Rust using ADB to debloat non-rooted android devices. Improve your privacy, the security and battery life of your device.) to remove preinstalled (Samsung) apps. It’s a GUI program which uses ADB to remove Applications on your phone. Just read the description of each app inside the program and decide whether or not it might be a threat to your privacy and remove it with a click on a button.

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