How do I Find Someones Information [For Educational Purposes]?

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What do you want advice about?
I am doing an assignment for my legal class and it is to try and find as much information about our partner on the internet. The issue I am facing is he has a common name and if I use certain search terms that worked for finding myself I either get thousands of results or zero. We are in Canada and I am also finding difficulty tracking him as I don’t know a common username.

What have you considered or looked at already?
I had used the email feature in our learning software in order to find his personal email address and I was able to find a Google review with a matching Google account ID. I found his YouTube channel ID and Linkedin by searching his name and the name of our institution but I am now stuck and cant find any more relevant information.

In brief, tell us about your privacy threat model?
My threat model is N/A in this application but don’t think my classmate deletes accounts instead of stop logging in.


Since this is a legal class, what about legal residence family property. Property tax search.

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This is a whole other topic. R/OSInt - open source intelligence. And read Michael bazzells book