How do Decentralized VPN makes money?

Customers pays money to Protonmail to gain better security and privacy. Thats how protonmail is growing (thats what think. Correct me if I am wrong ). From my understanding, decentralysed VPNs runs on a user’s system(PC) and routes others traffic through that system.
So by allowing routes other users through our system, we can make money. (Correct me if I am wrong ). So how do these decentralized VPN companies makes money ?

While I don’t know of any decentralized VPN, I would assume donations. This is how TOR finances itself for example.

By volunteering to run a node on a DVPN, you are essentially mining cryptocurrency (usually the DVPN’s own token, like myst token). When a user connects to your node, they pay you directly in that cryptocurrency. The service usually takes a cut of this, for Mysterium it’s 20%. I assume this is how most decentralized VPN’s work.

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