How can I solve managed by administrator?

I checked my windows security on my laptop to see if there were nay security updates. Going there, I noticed that Cloud-Delivered Protection and Automatic Sample Submission were turned off and grayed out. It’s grayed out because “This settings is being managed by an administrator”. I got this laptop from one of my family member. (He is very tech savvy. If there was something wrong, he would know.) Before this, some settings where grayed out when I got the laptop. When I asked him, he said that another family member (also tech savvy) did this. I don’t have contact with that family member and can’t contact him, so that is out of the question. I read that resetting removes this, but I’ve reset the laptop twice after I got it. The Microsoft account I am signed in with is an admin account I am pretty sure. I, for some reason, can’t create a local account (if that’s helpful). Luckily, RT Protection is still on.

Any suggestion on how I can enable it?

If there is anything that I need to specify on, please ask. Thanks!

That is usually because of group policy / registry settings being changed.

Have you run any debloat / privacy third party scripts on your computer since you reset it?

If you want to force the cloud protection to be enabled check out this official microsoft article of how to enable it:

Wow, I have used a few scripts and have made some manual registry changes. I’ll check out the link ASAP. Thanks!

I reverted changes from because, for some reason, I used strict without seeing what it would do. Everything works now.

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