How can I protect my privacy on Ramadan

Hello everyone I need some help protecting my privacy during Ramadan because I want to know how can I protect my privacy without losing my prayers and I don’t do anything Haram so what do you recommend for me from apps hardware to physical privacy

Could you be more specific and explain more?

ok here’s the thing I want to protect my privacy during Ramadan but don’t know how to protect it without doing anything forbidden like which Quran apps do I use and the like also I need help with physical privacy protections as well

Still don’t understand. Sorry.

  • First, we don’t know what is “forbidden” or not, you have to know.
  • Second why do you need an app?
  • Third what are you trying to protect, from who and why?

well first anything that isn’t great for Islam
second I want to protect from tracking and spying in apps and the os
3rd I need a good privacy friendly Muslim app for my use beacuse I don’t trust most of the apps on google play and the apple app store so can you still help me

Doesn’t really help. We don’t keep track of the rules of every fantasy book ever written. No idea what “isn’t great for Islam”. Smoking? Singin? Wearing a hat? Eating frogs? Sleeping barefoot? Knitting sweaters? … So we don’t know what are you looking for.

On the other hand, if you really need an app (still don’t understand why), the apps for muslims, are probably created by muslims as well, no? They should know what’s forbidden and what’s not.

That said. If you don’t trust Google Play / Apple Store apps (why?) you can check open source apps. I quickly try to search for “open source muslim app” and the first link is a list of apps, that looks promising - islamic-apps · GitHub Topics · GitHub.

I find this app. It seems promising : GitHub - quran/quran_android: a quran reading application for android

ok thanks for your help anyway wish I can find the solution myself

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I appreciate your help put this app has 2 trackers unfortunately plus one of its permissions is AD_ID so it is bad🙁

The thing is that OP never said why he need the app and what that app should do? What he’s looking for and why.

Does he need something to read Quran? So maybe just a PDF would be better. Does he need something else? … the point is WE DON’T KNOW because we don’t have a magic crystal ball :crystal_ball:

In the list I posted there is - GitHub - meypod/al-azan: Privacy-first ad-free open-source muslim Adhan (islamic prayer times) and qibla app - it looks ok, no trackers, it’s somehow active, quite a lot of functions. But who knows :person_shrugging:

I was about to suggest NoorUlHuda نور الهدى but i found out it is outdated as the last update for it was in September 2021 so i searched for an alternative and the best thing i could find is QuranApp as it is open source and available on play store and has an izzydroid repo with min. amount of permissions and the development of it is so active so i recommend it.

For praying times iam using this website with native alpha app to isolate it and i chose a custom picture for the shortcut.

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I get that it’s 2023, but if privacy is that important why not just set manual prayer timers and read the bible on paper?

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You know that actually isn’t a bad idea but unfortunately sometimes you have to use technology in the modern world

Going old school with praying isn’t a bad idea. Sit with a Quran, a calender, notebook, an open source timer app or purchase a desk clock for 5 dollars and boom! Completely private way of praying.

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For most of the history of Islam, there were no cell phones or accurate clocks. You don’t need an app for this. You can ask your local mosque about prayer times.

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Thank you acolyte i well good to my local mosque for more information

dude he needs help don’t be a ass we need more people in the privacy community not less