How can I play Sega games without losing my privacy

Hi I need help with playing modern Sega games without losing all of my privacy I play them on PC via steam and Nintendo switch so what do I have to make them not collecting my data for serving ads and having forced drms
Like for example I want to play sonic frontiers but I need to make an account for it so what solutions do you recommend for me also need a good ad blocker for mobile as well

So there are two ways this could possibly be done. One is 100% legal, the other is a little more grey.

Let’s start with the legal option. Get a decent Firewall. On Windows Safings Portmaster and Henry++’s SimpleWall are decent options. Both free and open source. On Linux Portmaster is also available, but you also have OpenSnitch (FOSS Linux port of LittleSnitch on OSX. Allow Steam, but not the game to have internet access.

The grey option is to take advantage of the piracy community and use a Crack. This all depends on whether or not the game has been cracked. Some cracks can also bundle in malware, so be careful. I’m not going to link to this stuff, for obvious reasons… but they can be found with a quick search.

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So what about playing on console and mobile plus the aftermention account I use 2 Android phones and have a Nintendo switch as well do you recommend any solutions for those platforms too plus what Linux is do you use I play legally by the way but I need to play sonic games without being forced to use an account

There is not much you can do with consoles, sadly. Games, and the platform can be blocked at the Router/Firewall level, or via DNS (NextDNS is a good option)… but it’s not a perfect solution. I’d imagine you would not want to block downloads, or account stuff, for example.

Emulating the system can often be a better solution for privacy. Most systems can be emulated pretty well, up until the PS3/X360 gen (which is coming along very nicely). You can even get a better experience on PC, a lot of the time. Excluding PS5, all my gaming is done via emulation (including Switch).

Sometimes blocking a game from the internet, either via blocking entirely or via DNS, can stop it requesting a publisher account. That’s how I’ve gotten past Doom Eternals (Doom Club) account on PC, and Far Cry 5’s (UbiSoft) account on PS5 (just disabling internet access, once it was downloaded and installed).

Linux-wise, I tend to float around. I’ve got my main machine running Manjaro, and a work laptop running Fedora Silverblue. I am intrigued by the upcoming VanillaOS, so I’ll give that a quick test when it comes out.

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Look at the title its says Sega games that’s why I’m asking to begin with can you still helpLook at their privacy policy here

I’m a little shocked to be honest. You’re telling me that you boot up the game on your Switch for the first time and the game asks you to make an account or something? For a Sonic game? That seems wild to me!

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So my man how can I play the game without making an account for it or do I play it on pc so what types of Gaming platforms do you also recommend

Have you tried putting your device in Airplane mode before starting the game? I’m assuming it’d let you start the game offline without having to sign in.

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Thanks that works in the few games I have and I know that sonic frontiers don’t need an account to play it but what about DNS for gaming consoles especially Nintendo switch because I hate the telemetry on it so darn much :rage:

I would suggest playing on the Switch with the WiFi turned off. You could also use something like AdGuard DNS or a PiHole as DNS but for non multiplayer games I would suggest playing without a WiFi connection.

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No still not solved but I already considering doing it anyway also sorry for the long reply but can everyone tell about using DNS on Xbox because some Sega games need an online connection to run when it’s well be done is unknown but I will wait for more