How can I make a Discord account without providing my real phone number?

I’ve been trying to create a new Discord account privately with 0 personal information but they require a verified phone number to create an account. I’ve tried using burner phone number services but Discord blocks these kinds of VOIP numbers. Is there anyway I can create a Discord account without providing my real phone number?

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In my case I used a secondary phone number for this kind of stuff, from a pre paid SIM. It’s not a perfect option but in my case for the lack of VoIP services, I hadn’t much choices.

EDIT: Also, I think when you finish the process of creating an account on Discord you can remove the phone number afterwards. Although, maybe they storage that phone number even if you remove it (who knows :grimacing:). But still, that’s an option if you really want to use Discord


I have a discord account without a phone number. They didn’t ask. They do want it to allow you to use certain servers… which is bullshit. Maybe you can leave that field empty?

This is my experience as well. Maybe this policy of requiring a phone number for a Discord account happened after I made mine so it wasn’t required for me.

I’m trying to make an account by following what prompts I can find on their home page. Going through, I was asked just to enter a username and when I did do it asked me to verify my account with a phone number. Here’s the prompt.

I went looking for the legitimate registration link and while it did start with a prompt to enter email, username, and password, it led me to the same phone verification prompt.

I’m on Linux so I don’t know if this is happening just because Discord thinks Linux registrations are sketchy and need to be verified.

Because Discord accounts have been getting hacked more often, I understand why they want to really push if not outright require you to give a phone number for 2fa. In most cases the attacker who wants to token log you will not go after your phone number. It’s also the easiest form of 2fa to implement for the average folks who use Discord. I can understand it from a certain perspective.

However, it does seem like a ding to privacy if you really want to separate how much Discord knows about you outside of what you use. The best option would have been to provide 2fa AND an TOTP for those who want it. I don’t know. It’s better security for most, but with lower privacy.


turn your vpn off when making the account

discord isnt the one that makes it so only you can use certain servers without a phone number. It is a toggle that servers can choose to turn on but is off by default.

simple solution is to use or matrix

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That doesn’t work as a solution if the people you’re trying to connect with aren’t also on those platforms. It’s the classic network effect problem with messengers. :confused:


I’m looking for a long term burner number so a pre-paid burner is probably what I’m gonna do. There’s really no other choices. Discord also has garbage security and privacy practices but I’m kind of forced to use it since everybody else uses it. Others have said if you remove your phone number after creating an account they will lock you out and force you to put another phone number. They really try to get your information. Google also does the same thing to me when I try to make a anonymous account. Basic online privacy shouldn’t be this inconvenient.


They are making newer accounts register with a phone number now I think.

Only if you create the account over an VPN or Tor

For Discord, I got the prompt to provide a phone number even though I wasn’t using VPN or Tor.

make yourself pretty fingerprintable is my advice. like ik its not great but i feel like being able to be browser fingerprinted temporarily is better than having to give a phone number.

also turn on 2fa with totp once the account is made

this makes them less likely to ask for a phone number down the line

Godly guys, you don’t do research lol. Here’s mine that i use for my discord account:

In my experience, if you’re behind a VPN or using something like SL, or whatever else Discord has on their ‘bot filter’, you’ll be required to re-verify at some point, if you remove your phone number.

There are some services which if you have to use them I find the best method is to provide somewhat accurate details and be conscious about how you use the services, as well as attempt to minimize it. I have both a Google and Discord account - neither of which ever see use on real hardware and are there as a last case scenario.

Discord in particular is awful. I’ve ended up on their bot/spam list on accounts which have been verified with my real phone number, email, and multiple captcha puzzles to ‘prove’ I’m a legitimate user, only to have my account disabled 10 seconds after I’ve logged in from a new computer. I even contacted their support, asking for a manual verification because I did not want to use a phone number. This was not possible. How ridiculous is that?

I believe you can still create accounts without a phone number and not risk suspension if you’re not behind a VPN, or have other tools blocking their tracking.

If I had to use Discord frequently, I would spend a small sum on a temporary number from a legitimate site, and keep it attached. Worst case scenario you’ve to submit a ticket if you’re at some point prompted for 2FA, whereas if you remove it and have your account disabled as a result, you’re screwed. Their support won’t unblock it without a phone number.

If you really need it i suppose you could buy a sim card but not pay for data rendering it useless exept you have a sim card. Idk if that works tho

Is it good for long-term accounts like Signal or WhatsApp?

Depends on whether or not you have an alternate means of accessing the account. When it comes to things like Google, Discord, etc. you can set up multiple authenticators because when using services like smspool/textverified you will not have access to the phone number after you get a code. For Signal or WhatsApp I probably wouldn’t 100% recommend it for anything beyond temporary/disposable use.