How can I improve my overall privacy?

What do you want advice about?
I’ve done a lot of stuff to improve my privacy, but I can’t think of anything else. I need suggestions.

What have you considered or looked at?


  • Pixel 6 with GrapheneOS
  • Data from
  • Threema for encrypted calls & texts
  • Mull browser with unlock Origin

Computer & Laptop:

  • Debian with an encrypted disk
  • Mostly open source tools
  • Firefox with unlock Origin


  • I don’t use email at all

In brief, tell us about your privacy threat model?

My needs aren’t really that high; I’m not Snowden. I like privacy and want it as much as possible. I like doing this for fun.

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  1. Use a private DNS, something like Quad9, Foundation for Privacy, NextDNS, or Pi-Hole.
  2. [debatable] Use a VPN, such as Mullvad, Proton, or IVPN.
  3. Add “_nomap” to the end of your WiFi SSID.


  1. Use an application firewall, such as Portmaster, or OpenSnitch.
  2. Use a distribution like TailsOS, which uses Tor for all network activity.
  3. Use Wayland, instead of Xorg (default on Debian).
  4. Use hardened Firefox, such as Arkenfox or Librewolf. Or, use Brave.


  1. Use cash whenever you can.
  2. Open a PO box, and/or avoid home delivery.
  3. Try to avoid giving your real details.
  4. Try to take part in politics, and try to keep your political representatives informed.
  5. Disable WiFi/Bluetooth, whenever you leave your own property.

I could go on. There is always things you CAN do, and becoming more and more extreme. Just try not to let it take over your life.

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Using Qubes OS is an option, you can install it with debian 11 as the default template.

Privacy is the main concern here. If security was a concern then OP shouldn’t have considered Debian in the first place.

I’ve been using Invisv Relay and it’s really nice. I also have mullvad sub but I can’t connect to it when on university’s network but relay just works.

It is easier to get into the enemy’s toils than out again.

As advanced as you appear to be, go back to the basics. Then work on contingencies.

Why live, when you can thrive.