Hosting on GitHub Pages or Hostinger?

Hi, story to ask this late.

Is it possible to host a website like (in terms of features) on GitHub Pages?

Can you host a blog that people can interact with (like creating accounts, commenting, liking posts, paying for stuffs, participating in a forum,…) on GitHub Pages?


Not on its own. For creating accounts, commenting, liking posts, participating in a forum, you need some kind of mechanism to synchronize between multiple clients. This usually means setting up a backend server.
I have heard of less centralized solutions like integrating matrix etc.
but this is far from my field of expertise. I’m more a frontend birb :bird:


It’s worth noting that the homepage is a static site which could be hosted on GitHub Pages, yes, but this forum with accounts, posts, etc. could not be hosted on GitHub Pages, no.


Damn it !!!

The only cheap hosting option for me (shared web hosting) that I came across is hostinger.

Come on look at this

I’m wondering if it’s private though. Is hostinger able to access content data and important metadata from your website?

Sorry if it’s a dumb question, I don’t know anything about hosting.

I think a good first question here would be: What are you trying to host?

A blog with the ability for people to create accounts and interact with the content.

Maybe with a forum

I think you should use a static site generator like Hugo and use GitHub issues for comments on the posts.
I don’t think it’s worth paying for shared hosting. But I think if you wanted to make something like that you could use Wordpress.

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You can embed a comments system in a static site. Giscus, for example, leverages GitHub Discussions and can easily be added to any site. I’m personally a fan of the static generator Hugo, which even has a module for Giscus. Though, there are other commenting solutions that you can look into, such as Disqus which Hugo has native support for.

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@radiance111 @lavender

Thank you guys for your help.

I wanted to start a blog talking about my self education journey to inspire, help and entertain some interested beginners like me.

I don’t want to use WordPress and I don’t know how to program, I want to learn to program that website though.

I kinda gave up on that website idea because I don’t have the money for hosting.

I’m not kidding you my budget is only $ 30 for a domain name, web hosting and email hosting (I was planning to use tutanota for email hosting but they changed their plans :sob:)

I would want to know the cons of static websites. Like someone told me that every page on your website has to be a repository?


A simple blog as you describe can easily be hosted for free. I’m partial to Cloudflare Pages, but there’s other services such as Vercel, Codeberg Pages, or GitHub Pages as the others mentioned. So don’t give up on the idea!

A static site simply means there’s no functions that run on the server that serves your website. For a blog this is prefect because it’s efficient, hence why hosting is free. The limitations of static sites only come into play when your site is handling user data and whatnot.

While using version control (a repository) for website development is commonplace, it’s not strictly required. You could totally drag and drop your website from your local machine to Cloudflare Pages, for example. But connecting it to a Git repository comes with numerous benefits, such as automatic deployments.

I’m quite versed with static site development, so if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me and I’d be more than happy to help.

Thank you,

What platform(s) do you recommend to host on and why?

you can use disqus with github pages

Though this guy seems to be against it for obvious reasons:

Replacing Disqus with Github Comments

Yeah, I agree with him.

But his new solution for comments is not user friendly.

Maybe Giscus will be good.

Or I can look for another private and open source solution (with a free plan) that doesn’t use GitHub discussions for comments.

I personally favor Cloudflare Pages, though I know Cloudflare isn’t revered in privacy circles. Privacy Guides uses Netlify, and Vercel is also a good choice. The free plan for all those services should easily cover your use.

I’d generally recommend against GitHub Pages since it’s more difficult to work with and offers less features than the above services.

As for comments, another option is hosting your own instance of Commento++ — it advertises itself as a FOSS alternative to Disqus. This guide shows how you can host and add it to a static site. I’d personally use Giscus over this because it’s less overhead, but if you really want to host your own comments then this is a way.


Giscus is a good free option. I’ll just leave one thing here though, if you’re a creator with an active community of followers, you can get a free Discourse forum (what this website is) here:

And Discourse can be embedded as a comments system on other sites, see the comments at the bottom of this page for example:


Great, I have a lot of options now thank y’all.

I’ll start learning in one or two weeks.

I’ll choose a comment and account solution when my website will be ready.