Homeland Security confirms your privacy is no longer safe

Another breaking news. Water. Wet.


I sense your sarcasm, and yeah duh… This article seems to explain that some agency collected data the wrong way. They should or could have collected the same data legally different ways, I’m sure… Just my opinion.

“The issue is that if an agency — any agency — can ignore the laws surrounding privacy, then the only way to preserve privacy is to ensure the data doesn’t exist in the first place.” Jonny Evans

These are my notes so sorry about a lack of information relates to iPhones. Understanding Unique Identifiers and how your phone gets uniquely identified helps you protect yourself and others devices around you which are a threat. The Advertising ID is a threat.

In stock Android:

  • The user may manually reset this Advertising ID.
  • Since Android 12, when the user turns off ad personalization, then all apps receive zeros for the advertising ID. In all prior Android versions, the app will still have access to the Advertising ID.

In CalyxOS:

  • Any app that tries to get an Advertising ID simply gets a random number each time.
  • There is no ability to set this to zero or reset it.

How to Disable Ad ID Tracking on iOS and Android, and Why You Should Do It Now, from May 11, 2022.

This Advertisement ID threat for myself is resolved by using CalyxOS on my personal device. Using a privacy respecting OS is not always an option but it sure helps.

What I did today and recommend others to check out right now is app permissions. These permissions are easy to give when your frustrated trying to get an app to work. At sometime I gave Mull location permission, IDK why. Easy to take this permission away.

Settings > Privacy > Permission Manager.