Heylogin? How secure is Heylogin?

Hey everyone! I just wanted to know how secure and safe is HeyLogin.
HeyLogin Site.

The Password manager is very convenient and easy to use. Its new and it looks and feels good.
What are your views on this password manager?
Can it be used as daily driver?

Just wanted to know is it safe to use?

The two big recommendations you’ll get from this community will likely be Bitwarden as the easier option and KeyPass as the DIY, technically more secure option.

For a new password manager,

  1. Look for confirmation on the quality of the service from multiple sources.
  2. See whether free and open source software is a part of how they provide the service. It’s not a deal breaker depending on your threat model, but if they use FOSS, that’s a plus.
  3. See how long the company has been around. Because it’s new I would personally steer clear until more people have looked at it and the company is tested.
  4. Similar to point 3, look up whether the service has been audited. A password manager is one of the most important things you need to be secure. If it turns that it got hacked and you’re exposed, you basically need to respond like your identity was stolen because it very well might be.