Hey, Im Archie BTW

Hello! If you havent caught the somewhat of a joke from the title, im Archie and i use Arch XD… I am a novice selfhoster looking to learn more in just about everything! I started using linux about 5 years ago and havent really looked back. I love making digital art and I am in college for a BS in Comp Sci… though you can often find me just writing and reading. I may be a bit paranoid (about more than just security) but i am very freindly so feel free to ask questions! Cant wait to see the things yall ask :smiley: !


Hey. I’m pretty similar. I use arch, I recently started self hosting, I used to do graphic design and I’m also studying IT. I’m also a little paranoid.

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Hi! I’m a wannabe self-hoster, but can’t recreate whatever Plex does because I’m too dumb to get through the preparation steps for Nextcloud. Haha

I would recommend jellyfin!

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It never recognizes any server address I enter, for some reason.

lets debug via dm :smiley: