Here's Why We Dislike Samsung Phones

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I recall my second phone being a Samsung, a J3 if I remember correctly. It was bloated and it took quite a bit of time to make it usable. The saving grace of it was that the J3 had an easily removable battery. My main issue with most modern phones, including Samsungs, is the lack of an easily removable battery, since if the battery starts to bulge they become fire hazards. It’s one of the reasons I choose a Nokia 225 to use, I can replace the battery with ease if needed.

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My first and last Samsung phone was a Galaxy Ace. After that, I mostly had Motorola and once a LG (quickly headed back to Motorola). Motorola always offered a much cleaner and more stock android experience. Even if I see the Samsung of relatives I help, I am always amazed by how ugly and bloated the system is. My work phone is also Samsung so I was a bit disappointed that we had to return the Motorola’s to get a new, horribly slow Samsung with the Microsoft company portal app.

Since the acquisition of Motorola by Lenovo, I also see the Motorola brand going down. While the OS is still fine, the quality of the phones is going down while at the same time, Lenovo floats the marked with lots of different Motorola versions. In the old days, you had a few but decent motorola phones like the Moto G # and the Moto G # plus.

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Old school here. The old Samsung pre S7 were some of my favorite phones. I was against the Pixel for silly reasons. Replaceable battery, expandable memory, for me swapping Micro SD cards. I would use massive OtterBox defender cases. With out a case if you dropped the phone you would have a yard sale of random parts, I always half expected to have extra parts!
The FairPhone seems interesting to me for some of the features I appreciated back in the day.

My junk drawer has a Samsung 7, and 8. A Pixel 2, and a 4XL. In my EDC bag I have the 3A XL running Ubuntu Touch, and my regular phone is the Pixel 6 Pro.

Maybe the FairPhone would bring back some features I appreciate with new tech that I want.

I miss the days when Galaxy phones were easily unlocked. CyanogenMod/LineageOS was a dream to run on that hardware.

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I agree. The amount of garbage apps you get on Samsung phones without the option to delete them sometimes is really annoying. I’ve tried to convince myself three or four times to use Samsung phones for a longer period of time with no success at the end. I got my hands on some Motorola device three years ago and I actually found it really decent. Since then I’ve been using an iPhone though. For me it’s much easier to control the stuff on my device and it simply works fine with other Apple products. And most of my family has Apple devices too.
One day I wish I had an opportunity to play with Google Pixel. I know a lot of people recommend it here, plus you can use custom ROMs etc. but sadly there is no official distribution in my country.

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