Here are some reasons why Meta is (kinda) unstoppable

Firstly i hate Meta and all of its Facebook/Whatsapp/Instagram crap but the truth is
1 - Facebook has no worthy opponent as all of the open source or even closed source project don’t have all the smoothness it has even Twitter and
2 - Whatsapp is taking over as they are making huge updates continuously stealing features from Signal and Telegram and telling someone who loves making stickers on mobile or even making animated stickers to leave Whatsapp for Signal for example is so sarcastic.
3 - Instagram is trash cane and you can live without it but you will leave tons of good content and more tons of garbage.
4 - Open source alternatives like Mastodon for example doesn’t have quote retweet thing and the moderation of preventing the NSFW is more like a disaster than anything else, And talking about alternatives, Truth social is an open source project but owned by Trump so we are not escaping or going far from Meta and Twitter.

Iam not saying it is gameover but we have to face the reality sometimes.

So how could we take our communication with people back from this situation?

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If Threads is compatible with ActivityPub you can use it though Mastodon.

Is it?
Cause i really don’t know

This is from the Mastodon dev.

Hey you can just ignore it for now it’s not worth wasting your Instagram account

There is some hope from…don’t laugh…the government. Specifically anti-trust law. There has been a lot of noise from both parties about supporting anti-trust investigations into various big tech companies. Facebook is the obvious top of that list due to how easy it would be to break up.

Then again having hope in politicians coordinating and doing the right thing is a recipe for disappointment.

A bit off topic but I was wondering if users on Mastodon as well as Techlore have the permission to send cryptographic messages to each other.