Here's Why Monero is So Powerful w/ Seth For Privacy

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Getting people to use Monero at business seems difficult to me as I just don’t do a lot of small business transactions. I know it is possible as I see several small business that use the Cake gift cards.
With the merchant codes changing for Mom and Pop fire arm dealers, this might be a situation where someone crypto savvy could help set up a local gun dealer to use Monero. There are + 9k small FFL dealers that will be affected if this change occurs. Credit Cards are often used for new firearm purchase because FFL guys are established with this option. Cash discounts are a given. Merchants who sell firearms and sporting goods will probably still be consider sporting goods or merchandise by these merchant codes, these are large business like a walmart. They often sell cheaper than a smaller shop. Lots of reasons why someone would prefer to do business with the larger gun dealers.
Not all of the sales at these gun shops are registered firearm sales. All the transactions will probably coded as fire arms.
If a person is buying a used fire arm cash is very much the number one payment and often the only option between individuals.
If folks started using Monero to purchase new guns they may get comfortable buying and selling used guns with crypto.
This is a specific example where cash is often used and credit card transactions are being coded.