Hello world 🍓

Hi guys,
I’m new here, but not new to these topics. In fact, I would call myself a security and privacy dinosaur. I live on the other side of the pond and I see a lot of threads on this forum, which have been (thankfully) solved for many of us a long time ago. So I thought it would be a good idea to share a few concepts/ideas/apps/websites and views with you guys so that you are aware of them as well and can share them.
Secret knowledge has never been good and together we achieve things faster. Nice to meet you all!


A fellow Brit? Good to have you on board!


Welcome aboard! The more the merrier. :slight_smile:


Welcome :strawberry:, thanks for choosing to share your knowledge!


Thanks for the warm welcome :slight_smile:
Oh, I missed something quite important (at least for me) to tell: I’ve made a commitment to myself to help at least 100,000 people during my lifetime with increasing their privacy and understanding the internet and making a positive change. I have work to do :muscle:

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That’s quite the goal, I hope you’re successful! Hit us up if you need anything.

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If you want to achieve this, your best bet is open source contributions. As crazy as it seems, by working on PrivacyGuides.org I have already helped 100s of thousands of people on their privacy journey. If you submit a PR or make some changes to the site, you can likely do the same!

Who says I’m not doing that already?

Thank you, but I won’t likely have time for it as I already “work” 20 hrs a week for that goal beside my day job.

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