Hello, I am new to the Techlore community

Hello everyone!

My online name on this forum is Raznick, but you probably find me with this username somewhere else. You can call me Raz in short, my real name is not shared for obvious reasons. Long live online anonymity.

You might already have seen me annoy some people about Graphene OS vs Calyx OS. In general, I am into privacy and therefore security a lot (I believe that privacy can not be achieved without security. This is why my used Operating Systems include QubesOS (laptop, does not have enough computing power to run my desktop OS) and a really hardened Gentoo. Gentoo is compiled with a lot of hardening flags, the musl C library and LLVM + Clang as the compiler toolchain. Obviously a lot of clang specific hardening flags are applied. I basically followed the Linux hardening guide from Madaidan for setting up my system.
When it comes to my mobile device, I use GrapheneOS on a Google Pixel 6a.

Most of the Cloud stuff I use is selfhosted on a home server. This includes Nextcloud and mails.

The reason as to why I am into privacy (and therefore security) is really simple: I dislike big tech, like freedom and am in favor of human rights.

If you have any questions left, feel free to ask me in the comments.