Hello Everyone. (need more than 15 characters in the title)

Hi all of you :slight_smile:

I discovered Techlore via the Chris Titus Tech Youtube video and saw the new Forums.
Always had a thing for privacy and security, I am now upping my game in that regard.

Independent of me finding Techlore I was researching into GrapheneOS and Calyx OS as my current phone is getting old and I was looking what customs roms are good to use and would work with a new phone. Choosing compatible hardware and software :slight_smile:


Depends of what phone you have there will be different roms aviable for it.

Yeah I know :slight_smile:

my current phone is a LG G5. its still somewhat okay right now.

My plan is to get a Pixel. either a 6 or wait for the 7 and then put GrapheneOS on it :slight_smile: the LG I keep until I have migrated all 2fa stuff from it to the new Phone and then use it to tinker around with different ROMs.

If you haven’t already, check out our comparison video!

GrapheneOS vs CalyxOS ULTIMATE COMPARISON (Battery & Speed Ft. Stock Android & iPhone)


thank you for the link :slight_smile:

I haven been binge watching all the calyx and graphene videos on YouTube recently :slight_smile: and I also talked to
some of the guys into privacy on the Linux Discord I am in :slight_smile: and I think I like sandboxed Google services better than the Open source reversed enginered versions with system access.