Headlines about Facebook

You can find in this thread all headlines related to why you should not use Facebook that you can send to your friends… Don’t hesitate to share on reddit and other plateform.

If you have headlines that’s fit into this thread, don’t hesitate to post a screenshoot or the link here (I can make a screenshoot of it and post it here

The purpose of the headlines/articles here are not for power users like us but instead to people that never heard of issues with facebook.

People don’t click links, they can be lazy to read, they will forget, or feel forced. And because of that, before even knowing what you made them aware of, they will see it negatively

Having screenshoots of headlines is way more powerfull and effective as it’s fast to read

You can send a lot of headlines from different webaste (The guardian, new york time), it’s create a consensus that people can’t deny and gives credibility.