Has anyone used the Gcam service provider and know how it works?

I found this: GitHub - lukaspieper/Gcam-Services-Provider: App faking only the absolute necessary Apis to use Gcam without Play Services, and looks great as I use Graphene OS and don’t want to install Google Play Services, but would still like Google Camera.

My concern is that it allows Google to collect data in apps other than Google Camera (like if I had Play Services) Does anyone know if this is the case?

I don’t think so, because it only includes the components for Gcam to work and because Gcam-Services-Provider is not affiliated with Google. What I would recommend doing though is installing the Google Services Framework from the “Apps” app before installing Gcam to make it work (and disable network access of course).

I don’t really want the one from Apps as that installs for all apps and I don’t want Google Play Services on my phone.

If the Gcam services only installs some for Gcam and not anything else, that is better