Has any of you guys clue about when proton will release desktop apps for the Drive service?

I’m very interested in the Proton suite cause at 9.99 having a vpn, 500GB of cloud storage and personal mail domain is a bargain BUT, the drive is still in BETA and there are not desktop apps for it right now. Do I wait or do I go for something else?

No info on our ends. Pretty sad huh? We have 2 terabytes of practically unusable cloud storage on our team plan :stuck_out_tongue:

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bro that’s sadge, since drive desktop apps are a critical feature and we have little info about it my fear is there still is a long way to go for them… hopefully I’m wrong

I am also waiting for Proton Drive to come out of beta with all of the features we expect from services like Dropbox or Google Drive. Fingers crossed for announcements in the fall?

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