Hardening my YouTube Premium Account

I know that New Pipe is the alternative to YouTube, but I have a Premium Family Membership account to You Tube that I cannot (or allowed to) delete.

Any tips to harden my YouTube account without compromising the benefits of the Premium account?

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What are you looking to harden? Or I guess what kind of privacy are you trying to protect? I don’t have that kind of account so I’m not sure if maybe other family members have access to what you’re seeing. Are you concerned that your family members will flip to your YouTube account and pull up your watch history? Just trying to gauge the problem.

Yes, I don’t know if the members in my Premium account can see what I have watched, and if so, how to delete my history or prevent them from accessing it.

I’m pretty sure they can’t see it, but anyways you can clear your watch history and pause the creation of a new one, just go into your account settings and you should see it