Hardening my YouTube Premium Account

I know that New Pipe is the alternative to YouTube, but I have a Premium Family Membership account to You Tube that I cannot (or allowed to) delete.

Any tips to harden my YouTube account without compromising the benefits of the Premium account?


What are you looking to harden? Or I guess what kind of privacy are you trying to protect? I don’t have that kind of account so I’m not sure if maybe other family members have access to what you’re seeing. Are you concerned that your family members will flip to your YouTube account and pull up your watch history? Just trying to gauge the problem.

Yes, I don’t know if the members in my Premium account can see what I have watched, and if so, how to delete my history or prevent them from accessing it.

YouTube Premium Family doesn’t share your watching history with family members. You can setup your YouTube account to automatically delete watch history every three months. I’d recommend disabling search history for recommendations. Again giving Google the benefit of the doubt that these settings actually do something.

Just make sure you secure your Google account with 2FA and accessible recovery methods.

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What are the benefits of premium you don’t want to lose?

Can you be more specific what you mean by “harden”, its a little bit vague because people use this terms in quite different ways these days.

If you are referring to security hardening (the original and most appropriate meaning of the term), at a minimum you’ll want to (1) use a strong, complex, unique password for your Google/Youtube account (2) enable two factor authentication preferably using something other than SMS or Email (TOTP or a physical hardware device). You’ll also want to make sure that you’ve setup and tested recovery methods in case you are locked out of your account and have backups of any important data. Because its a family account, you may also want to go through all of the settings and make sure you understand any ‘sharing’ features, or any access the primary account may have, check the google documentation for this.

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