Happy Privacy Day! (Q&A For Any Questions you have for me)

Hello peeps,

I’ll be going live in about 5 hours on YouTube: Techlore Privacy Q&A! - YouTube

I’ll be prioritizing questions from our patrons first, and then any questions you all leave below (if any), soooo - leave any questions below you have! Can be about privacy/security, your own journeys, questions for myself, personal stuff, etc. Have fun and keep it appropriate.


How to convince Arabic people to care about privacy and security

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What does your KeePass and TOTP backup solution look like? If you encrypt the backups, how do you keep track of the passwords?


Hey, I’m a teen and I deeply care about privacy, but no one else does, or believes that there are ways to stay private and secure. How do I convince them? Or, how do I politely tell someone that I only check messages on signal?


Happy Privacy Day :slight_smile:

Where did the name Techlore come from? It sounds more like a tech history channel. Was privacy always a focus?

What are your thoughts on assistants (Siri, Google, etc), and where would you rank them on a privacy standpoint? Would they all just get failing grades?


Questions surrounding email privacy:

How important is it to register a domain (that I’ll use for my email domain through Proton) with an anonymous registrar like Orange or Njalla? (I’m not considering 1984 anonymous since one must provide one’s identity to ICANN.)

Hi hope your doing well, my question is about Proton VPN doest it change my DNS in the free plan or should I use 3d party DNS?

Email strategies:
I plan on using the 3 allowable domains on Proton. One for my business, one for other professional mail (hospital, bank, etc), and one for personal email. (Then I suppose I have my proton email available as well.) How does that sound? Too convoluted? Or would it be better to just combine professional email and private under one domain and leave the extra domain for sign-ups?

Of course whichever one of these I use for the hundreds (thousands) of websites I’m signed up for and will sign up for, I’ll use Simple Login (haven’t tried it yet so don’t know my exact strategy for that). Best to create a pseudonym for each website? That seems like a bit much. Maybe just according to category or threat level of each website or…? What’s your favorite reference for doing something like this?


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Awesome! Long question, so perfect answer!

I use KeePassXC so there may be differences with KeePass but I have the app configured to backup my database each time it is saved. The configuration allows you to put variables in the backup filename and in my case I put the date/time in the backup. Each of these backups are saved with the same password/keyfile as the main database. I personally don’t feel the need to doubly protect KeepPass database backups as they are already encrypted. Also, I keep my passwords and TOTP in separate databases with different pass phrases and keyfiles.

Do you think that sometimes people are more suspicious of open source software than proprietary software? Seems paradoxical, but it’s almost like because open source is more transparent people want to see something validate the app before trusting it.

When will you be updating your privacy score sheets ?


If you’re planning on selling products online and you want to be as anonymous as possible, will an LLC be adequate, or would there be an alternative solution?

EDIT: Thank you for the answer. :slight_smile:

What do you self-host vs what FOSS do you use vs what do you pay for?

Thanks for the response!


Not question as much as praise. I love the friendly, positive tone you take with Techlore and its content. So many focus too much on fear, doom and gloom. Thanks for your efforts.

I find speech-to-text extremely useful. Usually use gboard (English, French, Japanese). Any way to do this privacy? Maybe implementing something with Open AI? Maybe the only way is to build my own software?

What do you think about Invizible Pro which is an open source android firewall with DNScrypt , Tor , I2P modules?

P.s My name is EpicMaker and iam a huge fan

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these scored checklist @henry

Do you think a service like NextDNS is worth it, so I can block trackers for family members who do not care about privacy at all. I don’t like subscriptions much, but I also don’t really have anything I can self host AdGuard home on yet.