Happy Mothers Day

Even you Cyborgs have a mom!! Pull your communication device out of the faraday cage boot it up and give her a call on a secure channel.

My mom is awesome and uses Signal to communicate with the black sheep of the family. She uses a prepaid phone using AT&T. My intentions is to show her how Mint Mobile performs in her area of operation. If she wants I want to not just help her set up Mint Mobile anonymously, but give her a phone running CalyxOS.

She hates spam calls and gave up on blocking unknown callers. We assigned a few favorite contacts personalized ring tones and set the default ring tone to silent. With a new number I usually set the number on the do not call list.

What would you do to give a friend or family a set up phone running a custom ROM?


Happy mother’s Day as well to my mom i love her so much for being supportive of my hopes


Agreed. Very important for us to take a break for days like this because you have her to thank for being HERE now no matter how you feel about her at this current moment. Happy Mother’s day to any moms out there that maybe be reading this. :revolving_hearts:

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