[Guide] False Identity / Alter Ego for Social Networks in a private manner

Lets be honest we can’t really function without well established networks and companies for obvious reasons. Recently I had to make an FB account because there are some groups I wanted participate in. So here are the steps I took for creating an alter ego for that particular use case:

I created a new profile on android (can use XprivacyLua and AndroidFaker) and you can use a VPN + residential Proxy (as they flag VPN’s) but I don’t really care about FB having my IP as the ISP rotates them and is the layer bw the company and me.

Created an alter ego considering my demographic:

  1. Display picture from thispersondoesnotexist.com ( refreshed till I got one that I can work with).
  2. Decided a Name I can live with.
  3. some random info addition (college,school,relationship)
  4. added a bunch of random friends and joined some random groups
  5. verified phone number with smspool.net
  6. created a profile feed on a span of 2 weeks
  7. login from a windows VM to create a trail of trusted devices.

It would atleast take 1 month for FB to recognize the account as “legit” so have patience I guess.

There has been a post to create identities here

P.S. add info on a span of 1-2 week and login everyday.


I’ve read FB will sporadically request ID if it suspects anything fishy. Has this happened to you? Is there a certain amount of time where you’re “in the clear” so to speak?

I once managed an Insta account, when It reached 1000 followers Insta banned the account and requested my image holding date & username on email.

I think after 3-6 months you are in the clear if you are not a big account. If you are a big account you probably need a concierge in the company lol.

I think my messages on FB are still blocked (people can’t see them), but I can comment, like, participate in groups and send and accept friend requests just fine.


Pro tip: can use a cafe/public wifi for creating the account, then can use VPN to login.

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