Grouping accounts into 10 SimpleLogin aliases

How would be ideal to group all your internet accounts into 10 groups and then use one alias per group?
(the free account)
Thanks for replying!

I can be wrong, but isn’t that what “Directories” are for? :thinking:

I have:
01 Cripto
02 Streaming
03 Services, like electricity and water
04 Banks
05 Social 1
06 Social 2
07 Test
08 Unsubscribe
it’s all I’ve been needing until now.

@Karjala I use a separate email alias for each of my accounts. Its very simple to do with simplelogin and if you use a password manager its very easy to keep track of them all.

Since they are asking about grouping accounts, I assume they don’t have premium and directories is a premium-only feature

I’m assuming based on your question that you are using a free SimpleLogin account. If you have a premium account, you’re much better off making a unique alias for every account rather than grouping.

How you group accounts for your aliases really depends on what kind of accounts you have. I would suggest that “high value” accounts (banking, crypto, government services, etc.) each have their own alias or share an alias with a small number of other “high value” accounts. A larger number of “low value” accounts (forums, newsletters, etc.) can share a single alias (assuming you are okay with the identity of those accounts being able to be correlated to one another).

You use AnonAddy’s free plan in addition to SimpleLogin’s to get even more free aliases.

Sorry, my bad. I didn’t realize that.

Im wondering for those who got free account how they group all their account into 10 different aliases. It doesnt matter if they are directories/subdomains or not.

Assumed correctly.

Ideally i would have an premium account and unique alias for each, that would be the next step. The first step was instead of one email to all the account, to 10 different.

Thanks, i was looking exactly for different lists that people have.
How is Social 1 and 2 different?

You dont use any for friends/relatives?

Social 1 is for official Twitter account :smiley:
Social 2 is just for political discussions and things not too important

I don’t give simple login mails to friends because they are difficult to spell.
I have one alias from skiff for friends

mysudo has very easy emails to remember. They are @sudomail. You get to chose what comes before the @

What I have found is that I don’t need that many, I have

  • Services
  • Services (privacy)
  • Entertainment
  • Github

This leaves me more aliases for specific services that I might need in the future as well as on-the-fly addresses, I got one free directory when I signed up, I don’t know if this is still a thing.

I know that this doesn’t quite answer your question, but if you want unlimited (private of course) aliases for free, DuckDuckGo Email Beta could work for you (assuming you trust DuckDuckGo).